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I’ve been shying away from being interviewed for a little while now and just keeping my focus on sharing all things nutrition.

However, attending more events recently and meeting people that have come to know me through social media has made me aware of how easily misconceptions are made based on the little snippets of our lives revealed through social media posts. It’s so important that we realise this, as its too easy to get caught up in other people’s journeys and forget that we have to sculpt our own <3

So… I thought it would be fun to (and about time I..) reveal a little bit more about MY personal experiences as well as the philosophy behind MY healthy lifestyle!

Keep reading for the full interview with Rupert, the rather charming founder of – The Wedding Body.

Interview: Wedding Body

What is one thing you believe, that others might think is crazy?

We are all in charge of our own destiny! Not in a super fluffy sort of way but I really do believe that we create our own luck and either attract positivity or attract negativity, with what we project ourselves. To quote the legend that is – Osho, “You feel good, you feel bad, and these feelings are bubbling from your own unconsciousness, from your own past. Nobody is responsible except you. Nobody can make you angry, and nobody can make you happy.”


When did you first start focusing on health and fitness?

As far back as I can remember I’ve always been pretty active – and I’m talking climbing trees and not knowing the meaning of walking as a child, literally running everywhere – I was bit of a tom boy really and most probably an absolute nightmare for my parents too! I’ve also been quite lucky to have the foundations of being brought up on freshly cooked meals everyday. However, when I really started thinking about my long term health, I’d say was after university and starting full time work. I remember ladies at work saying things like, ‘Oh, I was your size when I started working here too!’ and ‘I don’t have time to go to the gym, I’m too tired and stressed.’ I just couldn’t understand why people seemed to accept this as a fact of life, being satisfied with the excuse and did nothing about it despite not being happy. Being defiant and stubborn as I am – I thought to myself – No way that’s happening to me! I already spend most of my life at work, I’m not going to let it dictate my health and life outside of it too! I’m a strong believer in, if you don’t like something, don’t just moan about it – do something about it instead! So, from that moment I got myself into a healthy routine bit by bit to avoid all the pitfalls of a stressful office job.


And did you make any mistakes when you started…

In terms of when I first really got into gym training a few years back, outside of training for sports etc. I definitely made the mistake of over training, to my own detriment. There is just so much misleading and conflicting information out there, that it’s really hard for someone starting out to know what the right thing is to do… so I did everything! If you’re reading this and starting out too – don’t do everything. Really, don’t.


Do you follow any specific nutrition principles (paleo, vegan, primal, etc)

I’d have to say no in a strict sense, I think there is a lot of credit to be given to most of these principles and the theories behind them but they don’t suit everybody. We are all built and function so differently that we also need to be fueled and maintained according to our own unique requirements. I also believe there is so much more to reaching optimum health than just eating ‘perfectly,’ things like our mental wellbeing and happiness are just as important but are often forgotten about when people bring focus on their diet and nutrition.


Looking at your instagram you’re obviously proficient in the kitchen, would you say you have a signature dish?

Why, thank you. How every kind of you, Sir! That’s actually quite a tough one as I like experimenting with new flavours and recipes so what I make constantly changes. Well, I say recipes… it’s usually a case of… here are a bunch of ingredients – now make something that tastes and looks good! OK… So I’d have to say at this moment in time I’m knocking out some pretty legendary Quinoa salads, the other day I made one with a fresh ginger and soy dressing – That was a bit special.


Do you have a particular morning routine; could you walk us through a typical day in the life?

Well, there isn’t really a typical day in my life at the moment, ever since I left my office job about a month ago. I am now essentially juggling about 5 jobs with the nutrition, blogging and other exciting projects I’m working on – my life right now is rather chaotic but I’m enjoying the process of figuring everything out.

I think looking back to my routine not too long ago – when I was still working full time in an office environment, would be a lot more relatable for people?

So, my weekday morning routine would actually start the night before. As I went to the gym before work everyday, early starts meant preparation was EVERTHING. I would have my gym bag packed with my work outfit, bottle of water and a scoop of protein ready in my shaker – my gym clothes would also be laid out by my bed. The night before, I would consider my next working day, how long it would be, would I be in the office (and have access to the George Foreman Grill – game changer) or out at meetings and pack my food accordingly. I had joint the closest gym to my office in order to be efficient with my time. Protein shake, post gym smash then into the office for my breakfast et voila… my morning routine before work!

Once I got into this routine, it was honestly a breeze and I started everyday with more energy and generally in a better mood than people who had woken up last minute and just rolled into work – maybe grabbing a pastry on the way in.

I just like I had been more efficient with my time rather than taking up any extra time in my life to go to the gym. I was waking up around the same time I would if I was going straight to the office. The time I would have spent faffing in the morning getting ready or sitting in rush hour traffic – I just spent at the gym – Win.

If I hadn’t prepped the night before, the chances of me getting to the gym or having nutritious lunches and snacks was rather slim. So, for me – I think the key to having the perfect morning routine massively relies on having the perfect preparation completed the night before!


What are your biggest sources of inspiration and motivation?

Of course, there are a lot of amazing athletes as well as health bloggers in their prime etc. out there who are a great source of every day inspiration for me. However, a bigger inspiration and motivation for me is seeing all the people who have committed to a lifetime of health and fitness and still reaping the rewards, even putting some of us young guns to shame with their level of health and fitness… You know those stories about the 80-year-old great grandma who still teaches advanced yoga classes and can bend like a pretzel! That’s who I want to be when I grow up! (…I mean get older… maybe not the growing up part) So yeah, seeing stuff like that truly motivates me to keep up this lifestyle, I want to live my whole life to the fullest – not just the first half – so that one day I will be that super nan doing single hand press ups and backflips!


Do you read much? What would you say is the most influential book you’ve ever read?

I do love to read – I’ve recently been really getting into the author, guru, legend that is Osho – He was such a wise and down to earth man. He speaks about authenticity, embracing fear and and transformation as well as appreciating every aspect of life’s experiences. He pretty much covers everything that can give life meaning and communicates it all in such a provocative yet inspiring way. I’ve just finished reading: Living Dangerously – Ordinary Enlightenment for Extraordinary Times. So this is the book which has the most current influence on me, it’s all still fresh in my mind and genuinely filters into my everyday life.


What would be your 3 most important pieces of advice for beginners to a healthy lifestyle?

  1. Be patient and don’t rush – Take your time to try different things until you figure out what is right for you – before you know it, it’ll all just start coming naturally to you. Remember – it’s not a race!
  1. Don’t be too hard on yourself if it doesn’t all go to plan perfectly the first time, or even the second or third! Dust yourself off and keep going! As long as you are not giving up, you’re still winning!
  1. Enjoy yourself! Living a healthy lifestyle is supposed to enhance your life, don’t get too bogged down obsessing over every little detail – it’s not a supposed to be a punishment!


What recent purchase for under £50 has most positively influenced your life?

I’m not really a massive shopper but off the top of my head – Nike Flyknit trainers that were in the sale – £49.99! I’m a size 4 so sometimes I can get away with purchasing junior ones which I am reliably informed are exactly the same as their adult counterparts. Got to love a new pair of kicks for giving that extra little bounce and motivation to do something active!


What’s your favourite music to listen to whilst working out?

I always think it would be funny if my music suddenly started playing out loud while I was training because it’s soooo random… It really depends on my mood. It ranges from Soul, Hip Hop, Acoustic covers, Pop, Classical to Techno! It really is a pick ‘n’ mix… but there’s a method to my madness… some times I need a boost and a good kick to get me motivated, other times my hyperactive brain just needs calming down for me to be able to focus!


Any clothing brands you particularly like?

I’ve kinda got a crush on London based Sport Luxe brand LNDR, they are a relatively new brand but are really flying already. I absolutely love the concept behind their lines, really well thought out – both functional and pure class.


Quick fire:-

Heels or trainers – Trainers

Coffee or tea – Matcha Tea

Early mornings or Late nights – Early Mornings

Favourite drink – Fresh watermelon juice

Favourite exercise – Grappling… More of a sport. I’m still having it.

What are you most scared of – The Unknown!

Party trick/talent – I can whistle with my mouth closed! Yeah… that’s right.


How do you feel the population is moving in terms of health and fitness, are we moving forward or are we fighting a losing battle…

I think there is definitely a shift in terms of health and fitness becoming very trendy at the moment, which I actually think is a great. If health and fitness being in vogue brings it into the mainstream, it can only be a positive thing, right? I just hope that people will continue their new found habits and good lifestyle choices beyond the fashion trend shelf life!

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