The Good Guru – The good eggs of supplements?

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Review: The Good Guru – are they one of the rare good eggs of the supplement world?

As we all know the health and fitness market has been booming for a while now and as it continues to do so, it’s becoming ever more saturated with companies looking to capitalise on growing demands. However, in my opinion – that the majority of brands offering healthy lifestyle products unfortunately fall short on delivering what they should to their customers who trust them to provide high quality nutritional supplementation. No matter the reputation, I always go through my all important process of looking through and dissecting the ingredients of a product before deciding if it is actually worthy of consumption (many of which may come highly recommended or made by well known brands) and more often than not, I’ll only get part way through the list before I think – ‘Errrr…. Why on earth have they put this in here?! Disappointing.’

Those who know me or have followed me for a while now will know that I believe that the nourishing power of deliciously wholesome food, kept simple and natural as possible should be the first priority. Where supplementation can also have an important role to play as a secondary support tool, it goes without saying that the products we opt for should also contain ingredients of high quality nutritional value with minimal and preferably none of the rubbish we wouldn’t normally include in our diets. Surprisingly, in the world of health foods and supplements this is much harder to find than you’d expect. So, when I find a brand that matches both my own food and personal philosophies it’s not only refreshing but a moment that warrants a metaphorical and in the case of my dorky self… an actual *fist pump*

The Good Guru crew certainly hits this sweet spot for me and qualifies for one large celebratory fist pump! Their philosophy and ethos through to the high quality products (I’ve personally road tested the Essential Whey range) has made me smile! 🙂

We strive to source only the highest quality ingredients from around world. Our mission is to enhance the health and wellbeing of our customers. We believe in doing this Simply, Smartly and Honestly

– The Good Guru

…after delving a little deeper – they really are true to their word. Clearly a brand that takes pride in creating the best quality products through the continued effort and care they put into every stage of the development process. From sourcing the finest raw ingredients around the globe, working closely with respected health professionals at every stage of development to using up to date, proven science backed methodology in the extraction and production processes. It appears that no stone is left unturned by these guys, which gives me confidence that their products provide the effective and practical support that good supplementation should offer – packed with an optimal nutritional punch!

So far, The Good Guru has got a double thumbs up from me and I’m very much looking forward to getting acquainted with their other product ranges – watch this space!  🙂

5 Comments on “The Good Guru – The good eggs of supplements?”

  1. Heya Christina, great to hear which brands we can actually trust these days! I’d like to give it a try myself, can I find their products in local grocery stores or does this have to be ordered online? Thanks x

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