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Total Boxer – has just opened it’s doors to their second Get FIT Not HIT boutique boxing gym in North London.

Recently boxing has become a big hitter on the boutique fitness hot list – with no sign of cooling off anytime soon!

With their first boutique boxing gym proving a hit with the London fitness scene – Total Boxer has opened up a larger second gym, complete with a custom-made boxing ring, gym for open use and a dedicated BoxingYoga floor.

I was there at the launch to try out two of their signature classes –  Get FIT Not HIT and BoxingYoga.

Here’s how I got on:

Upon arrival, through the unassuming industrial exterior and front entrance I walked into a clean, bright space and greeted by a friendly receptionist (and a cute pooch, dozing in the corner – instant bonus points!)

I was shown around the gym which is split on 2 levels – ground floor comprising of a classic set up: boxing ring, bag area and additional floor space. One floor up is the dedicated BoxingYoga studio which is a bright, airy space – ideal environment for channeling into a calmer vibe and energy.

Being a bit of a tom boy myself, I’ve been a fan of contact sports for as long as I can remember and enjoy the technical challenges of training as well as the competitive side in sparring. However, I can understand that not everyone wants to be a fighting machine… so getting hit, injured or coming away with a bruise (…or 10!) is less than appealing…

Great news! Boutique gyms like Total Boxer mean that, now everyone can get stuck into the fun (and intense) thrills of boxing without the risk of being hit putting them off.

Get FIT not HIT: is an incredibly empowering workout, accessible for complete beginners to those who have dabbled with boxing before. It is a high intensity hour long session which combines boxing on the bags with sweaty HIIT and 1-2-1 pad work in the ring to develop your technique, tailored to your own ability levels. Utilising the core principles and techniques from boxing training, it challenges your body in new ways and makes for a tough full body workout!

“Unleash your fighting spirit in the elite London fight clubs. Join Total Boxer for their high-energy, low-impact classes.”

— Vogue

BoxingYoga: takes on a completely different pace, using traditional yoga philosophy to enhance and optimise the sporting performance of a boxer. The classes focus on core strength and conditioning while incorporating full body flexibility, important for boxers to recover as well as reduce risk of injuries. Thoroughly enjoyable and ideal for those looking for yoga with a twist or boxers wanting to optimise their training and recovery… (so they can train even harder!)

“BoxingYoga™ – one of the UK’s best fitness classes.”

— Men’s Health

All in all, Total Boxer offers a range of fun classes for those looking for a fun, challenging workout with the fitness benefits of boxing training, without the risk of getting hit! Super friendly and welcoming environment, open to anyone who wants to give it a whirl!

They have all types of Membership and Non –Member options to suit your training needs, which you can find here Classes starting from £6 for Members and £11 for Non – Members.

Photography: Mike Barry

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