It’s all about the Pistachios!

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These stunning little gems are one of my favourite snacks, not only do they taste great and look pretty… There I’ve said it! (Back off… I’m a girl!) They also pack a nutritional punch!

1. Refuelling after exercise. Whether you’re an athlete or just a casual exercise dabbler – These are the perfect post exercise snack, delicious, satisfying and loads the body up with the energy and important nutrients it needs to refuel and repair after exercise.

2. Pack a nutritional punch! Pistachios a source of many essential vitamins and minerals, monounsaturated (which are known to reduce abdominal fat!!) and polyunsaturated fatty acids, protein and fibre. A shed load of nutrients in a small package!

3. Fat loss and Weight management – Eating nuts such as pistachios, can reduce and stabilise the blood glucose levels and insulin sensitivity. This is turn means that the body absorbs and stores less fat.

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