Motion “Squeaky Clean” Nutrition?

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Review: Motion Nutrition – Squeaky Clean Nutrition? Pretty much.

Always on the look out for new products that pack in a better nutritional punch… and I’ve got to hand it to the guys at Motion Nutrition who have gone against the grain of most supplement providers. Scrapping the well trodden path of attempting to out do each other, recreating the craziest pudding flavours or getting so caught up in quick results that health and nutrition almost takes a back seat. It’s really refreshing to see these guys going back to the drawing board and remembering why we look to take supplements in the first place (to replenish and nourish our bodies by complimenting our everyday food and drink intakes)  So, as a lover and ambassador of clean eating, the notion of a supplement range which would match my every day food standards is pretty exciting.

The Motion Nutrition boys set out to create a range of supps as clean and natural as their diets – The result is this incredible range of high quality organic protein and supplements – loaded with all natural superfood ingredients such as maca, ginseng and matcha green tea. For me it’s an easy win for seekers of super clean sups. BUT… (there’s always a but…!) in the same breath, it’s not for everyone, they taste exactly like the ingredients should. They could also mix a little better but not essential if you’re not expecting perfectly refined powder and don’t mind a few little bits! They can easily remedy this by tweaking the refinement of their products but I don’t think is necessarily a problem for Motion Nutrition. They are very focused and clear on what they are aiming to produce and not just another range of products with average nutritional value that taste like sticky toffee pudding or cola bottles! They want to create the best high quality, natural supplements and specifically cater for those looking for it. For that reason, their products do not contain all the added sugars and flavourings we have become accoustomed to expect from most supplements. With Motion Nutrition, you are consuming exactly what your body needs, nothing more, nothing less.


I have tested a couple of their products and this is what I made of them:

Organic Pre-Workout Energiser

Must admit – this one took me by surprise when I tasted it… pretty tangy! But once I got my head around the fact that I was just tasting the unmasked natural ingredients, it was much more palatable. As someone who normally avoids pre work out supplements due to their highly artificial content and not wanting to build up my tolerance to stimulants such as caffeine, I opted to just have half the recommended amount. I found this to still give me a noticeable boost without feeling too edgy or like I had something undesirable coursing through my veins! So if you are looking for a good clean kick to your workout then this is a great alternative to popular pre workouts on the market, as long as you don’t mind the oh so natural flavour!

Organic Coconut Whey Protein

I was very excited to try this one as I’m a little obsessed with all things coconut! It mixes quite well for a less processed whey product and there are a few bits even after it has been rigorously shaken up (I guess this is from the coconut flour which is not soluble) The flavour itself is quite mild but pleasant, they recommend you mix in a little coconut milk for a richer coconutty flavour which worked a treat at home but not that practical for when I normally would knock a shake back, after training.


So overall, I really liked the products and how they felt as clean in my body as the food I eat. I think Motion Nutrition still have space to grow and develop – but that’s OK, they’ve only just launched and gotten off to an amazing start already. I’d say they are definitely ones to watch – I will definitely be keeping an eye on these guys and I’m excited to see where they go from here!

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