Buddy Up and join the #WETOX Crew!

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What’s this all about then? Well… let me tell you! 😉 My fave athleisure brand, LNDR have come up with this fun way to kick start the new year by encouraging us gals to buddy up with a gal-chum or 4 to start and continue fit new habits together throughout 2017.

So grab your girly accomplice of choice and go smash a workout together then refuel with a monster shake, cheeky cake or enough wine to fill a god damn lake! Whatever you choose to do, just remember to have fun with it! There’s nothing quite like a gruelling sweat sesh followed by a girl date to discuss how you’re… “never doing THAT again!” …while penciling in your next blasting together! Health is so much more than 6am gym sessions or green smoothie rituals – keeping that brain of yours happy is just as important as building a strong body and putting the right nutrition in to fuel it! LNDR’s #WETOX movement totally captures the essence of #forkinfit – definitely feeling the vibe… so, I am all over it! like a rash! (…or something less grim)


verb | wee-toks | informal

The collaborative act of detoxing and retooling with a friend. Most commonly exemplified by working out with a friend, preceded or followed by the reward of an exuberant splurge. Usually embarked upon by those who do not take themselves too seriously and enjoy all the good things.


Double Up means Double Trouble! Buddying up clearly means double the fun and effortless motivation to make good habits stick… Anything can be made exponentially more enjoyable with a good dose of giggles and a sprinkle of mischief!  So grab a friend and hit 2017 like you mean it, in your own #WETOX style of choice and lets make this the year of goals get smashed!

Want your own official #WETOX wristband? Email wetox@lndr.uk, and they’ll send one your way (while stocks last!)


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