I have an enormous passion for the healing and nourishing power of food having experienced the effects myself, first hand.

My focus is to explore and identify the unique nutritional needs of an individual. We are all built and function so uniquely with the scale of biological variation between individuals so vast that no two people respond in identical ways. So, it should not come as a surprise that I absolutely do not adopt the ‘one size fits all’ attitude.

The human body can be an incredibly adaptable and robust machine but nourishing it with the correct nutrition for it’s bespoke needs is what takes us from feeling, ‘alright’ to feeling ‘epic’!

We all know of the diets which seem to go in and out of vogue just like the latest trends in fashion. They simply aren’t tailored enough for each of our body’s individual requirements.

The science of nutrition looks at the provision of necessary nutrients to the body to support life, health and growth, with many common health problems prevented, managed and improved with a healthy diet and lifestyle.

By exploring and understanding the correlation between the food that you eat and the way your body reacts to them I will be able to show you alternative ways and inspire you on how to bring your body back to equilibrium –it’s happily balanced state – which is when your body has everything it needs, at the correct levels and has you effortlessly functioning at optimum performance!

We will work together to decipher and crack your body’s code, then intuitively create a new lifestyle for you that will bring your body back into balance.